Why you need Digital Signage?

No matter the task, whether it’s work or pleasure, everyone looks to screens for help throughout the day. Statistics show the more a business integrates Digital Signage into their customer experience, the more their business benefits.

Facts about Digital Signage:

  • Captures 400% more views than static displays.
  • Over 80% of people watch programming on Digital Signage when present.
  • 70% of consumers agree that is entertaining.
  • 62% of adults have seen digital signage in the past 12 months, which are levels similar to billboards, magazines and newspapers.
  • 1 in 5 customers make an unplanned purchase after seeing items featured on Digital Screens.
  • Consumers entertained with Digital Signage report a decreased perceived wait time of 33%! So when digital signage is implemented, 30 minute wait time feels like 20 minutes.

Businesses report a 3%-5% average sales uplift with Digital Signage!

Digital Signage Recall Rates

Digital Signage offers a highter recall rate vs. other advertising platforms:

  • Digital Signage: 52%
  • Television: 32%
  • Radio: 27%
  • Magazines: 21%
  • Billboards: 30%

Creating the prefectly balanced digital playlist!

  • Educate – 30%. Let your customers know about the valuable products and services you offer.
  • Entertain – 40%. Designing content for you target customer demographic is the best way to reduce perceived wait time.
  • Encourage – 20%. Promt customers to share their experience on social media, or complete an action to receive an incentive.
  • Emotion – 10%. Share your values, community involvement and charitable contributions.

Opportunities throughout every business

  • Do you have a waiting area? Keep customers engaged and entertained while they wait with Branded Digital Signage.
  • Digital Menu Boards are the prefect tool to upsell and across promote at the point of sale.
  • A User Interface can take many forms around your sales area, such as an Interactive Kiosk or a Digital Product Display.

Digital Signage influences human behavior and reinforces a positive perception of your brand!

Digital Signage Markets

  • Health care (Waiting Areas, Guideposts, Exam Rooms, Cafeterias, Building Entrance)
  • Automotive (Digital Menu Boards, Waiting Areas, Product Displays)
  • Hospitality (Building Entrance, Near Check-In Counters, Lobby Area)
  • Restaurants (Digital Menu Boards, In Dining Areas, Custom Wrapped Screens in Bar Area)
  • Retail (Check-Out Lines, Customer Service Desk, Product Displays, Visual Decor)


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