Digital Signage Solutions: The principle of operation, characteristics and scope

Digital Signage – showing text and video information in electronic form, which are mostly screens located in public places.

The main objective of this technology – to bring a commercial or public service advertisement to the largest possible number of people, which is usually the chosen target audience: buyers at a shopping center, visitors at medical facilities, etc. The result is a mass notification, trading profits from the sales of goods or alert the population about these or other events, which is also important.

Advantages of Digital Signage Technology

As you know, good advertising – the success of any business, whether it is selling household goods, production of special equipment and structures – offers all sorts of services and organization of events. Only through advertising potential customers learn about the latest updates, profitable promotions, and new companies are starting to use the offers. What can we say about the ‘living’ Digital Signage advertising, which simply can not draw any attention to even the most indifferent of people?

Thus, Digital Signage, as an effective marketing tool, has the following advantages compared to traditional static means:

  • Attracts the most attention, constantly changing content;
  • Free replacement of content (with scrolling text on video, and others.);
  • Dynamic and colorful advertising;
  • The ability to adapt to any target audience;
  • The possibility of remote control;
  • Fast return on investment.

Show your video on the Digital Signage screens – so give it the popularity in the quickest time frame to receive consistently high results in the form of profit!

Who Can Use Digital Signage?

Basically, Digital Signage is used in the following areas:

  • Advertisement – which adapts to the target audience
  • Public transport – as maps, signs and directions
  • Retail trade – improving the image of the store or information about updates and discounts
  • Hotels – Information about the services
  • Cafes and restaurants – placement of information about the dishes, special offers, updates and upcoming event menus. Bright advertising attracts attention and increases the sale of food and drinks
  • Healthcare – display useful information for the prevention of diseases, relevant advertising of medicines in pharmacies
  • Financial, government, and educational institutions – placing relevant information, schedules

Tickers, colorful images, dynamic images, informative videos, which are broadcasted by professional displays installed in the taxi, shopping centers, railway stations and airports, reaching a large number of the public, of which a high percentage become a consumer of the advertised products. Hence the fame and profit, which is the main benefit for employers across different sectors!

How Does Digital Signage Work?

Undoubtedly, the Digital Signage systems are effective means of advertising. But how do they work? How to work and what features should be taken into account?

Information broadcast LCD and plasma screens, touch screens, LED signs, projectors, and other equipment, which management is performed locally with the operator of the computer. To operate the system on a computer it is sufficient to install special software, simple and intuitive to use.

Another functional component is an advertising player, which is integrated within the microprocessor. There is a block of memory and a set of interfaces, that displays the image directly after it has been transferred.

Note, however, that the demonstration equipment is installed in areas with large concentrations of people, where possible acts of vandalism. Often the installation site is a street, where a negative impact of environmental factors can be: rain, snow, wind, hail or bright sunlight, which can cause overheating. Furthermore, the technique has to operate continuously 12 hours or more. It is clear that the general household LCD screen is unlikely to be able to cope with this kind of load. So, the choice should fall on the professional displays, with the following features:

  • Increased strength and is protected against mechanical damage
  • Integrity
  • Resistant to UV radiation and overheating
  • Long life of continuous operation
  • Efficiency
  • High levels of color reproduction
  • Resistance to glare

In organizing the Digital Signage system, you must choose the right place. The image on the demonstration screens must be clearly visible for the people, but also they have to placed high enough, so that potential attackers are not able to cause harm. If it is a touch screen, it should be accessible for users who are looking for specific information, but then the screen needs special protection.

All necessary equipment for the professional Digital Signage systems in a large assortment is available from the manufacturer LG – one of the leaders in the global market for appliances and electronics. Suffice it to refer to specialists, and soon the modern technology will untwist your business!

Video presentation of LG Digital Signage


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