What to look for in Free Signage Software

The world of advertising and branding has greatly changed due to the rise of digital marketing options. People no longer have to look at still banners and the like to get the message home. These methods are still in use but are slowly dwindling thanks to this new trend. It is not surprising any more to walk into a supermarket to find different screens running different videography advertisements. This is also common in stores, airports, and even churches. Digital signage is simply the use of digital signals on screens to pass a message, be it advertising or an announcement. Managing these advertisements can be a challenge especially for a company that has multi screens running in different regions. The only way to set up ensures that all the signage work optimally is by using a management software that can handle all the presentations amicably. Digital signage software helps one to run all the signage remotely cutting down on travel costs besides providing the ultimate convenience. Some of the software packages can be found online with signage software free options for trials. Signage software free options will need to be paid for at some point. Finding the right software for your signage is crucial. Here are a few qualities that you need to look for in the ideal digital signage software.


The best signage software options need to be able to provide ample support. Running a management software system will often need support from the designing team in case of glitches. The ease of reaching the support team determines how good a signage software is. This can be tested during the trial period, and a concrete decision made after that.

Flexible User Roles

You need to pick one that enables you to assign and change user roles for the digital signage set ups. This is ideal especially when you have a workforce managing the signage displays. You will have the rights to add or remove users form the software giving you full control of the system.
Real Time data management
A software that allows you to post real-time announcements and data is best. This is ideal especially if you are working in areas that are sensitive to time and changes in the same. Airports and banks are some of these. Signage software that allows you to manage full web media graphics is ideal. Software that allows you to display weather icons and changes real time is also ideal especially for retail outlets.

Touch Screen ‘kiosking.’

Your software needs to give you the option of managing digital kiosks that supply information and product information. This helps in queuing management as well as bookings. You will also get the advantage of screening real-time messages on the screens.
Web content management
Software that helps you to manage web content ranging from social media, emails and media graphics is ideal. This also allows you to post current social media trends on relevant screens.

Real-time previews

Your software should also help you monitor what is appearing on the screens. It allows you to manage screens that may be faulty mechanically.
Working through software reviews will give you a good idea about the capabilities of each and every one of them. This then allows you to go through a trial period. One without this period may be an issue in case you do not like it.


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